Screengrab of logoOn August 10, 2017, I was honored to be a guest on Jackie D’Elia’s podcast. Jackie and I met on the WP-Tonic roundtable podcast and we got together to talk about WordPress Learning Management System plugins. We covered some of my favorite LMS options including

Show Highlights

The highlights for this interview covered instructional design tips as well as guidelines for choosing the right WordPress LMS plugin for your project.

Differences in Teaching Live versus Online

The biggest difference when teaching an automated, online class and teaching live is that as an instructor you can’t see your students to receive queues on how well they are absorbing the information. You must create very precise information and use quizzes and activities to make sure the students are learning what you are teaching.

Tips for Breaking Down a 30 Minute Class

We used the example of a 30 minute class or module and how to present it in an automated manner. I recommend breaking this down into 3-7 minute increments that include video, audio, text and if applicable, static images to present the message.

To Sell at a High Price, People Want Access to You

One of the things we covered was that online courses are so prevalent now that for most courses to sell at prices over $30 – $50, people want access to you. They aren’t buying a book. They want access. In order to provide access, many instructors provide blended learning. This is a mix of automated and live online sessions. For example, you might have “Office Hours” using an online meeting program like Zoom where you allow students to answer questions.

Tips for Selecting a WordPress LMS

The biggest key to selecting the right WordPress LMS is to understand your requirements. What type of payments do you need? How extensive does the Quiz functionality need to be? Do you also need to sell physical products? Will you use membership functionality to provide additional resources? Once you have determined your requirements, you can evaluate the platforms available and choose one to fit your needs.

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