Since creating great content is a huge part of creating courses that last, there are many resources you may want to access in order to develop and deliver your content. This list will continue to grow as I find and try additional resources for creating and delivering content.

Note that some links are affiliate links that I receive a commission from, if you purchase.


When you are testing your first audio recording, using the built-in microphone on your computer is fine. When you want to create a professional quality product, you need a better mic. Fortunately, one can be had without breaking the bank.

I use and love the ATR-2100. This mic has a great sound for the price and has the ability to work in a USB port, so you don’t have to invest in a preamp when you’re just getting started. XLR cables also come with the mic, so you can add the preamp when desired. A preamp allows you to further improve the sound you capture from your mic.

Definitely add a windscreen to the microphone.

More Equipment information and a full studio tour coming soon.

Audio Only Recording

Audacity – note that Audacity is free, open source software. Always download this type of software ONLY from the software creator’s website or sourceforge. Other sources could include malware.

Adobe Audition – part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite

Garage Band for Mac – this is available in the App Store

Video Recording

Debut – also does screen capture

iMovie for Mac is available in the App Store

Built in Windows tools possibly available



Screenflow – Mac only


Built in options for Windows


Webinar Jam

Webinar Ninja

Repositories for Video and Audio


Vimeo Pro



Sound Cloud

Live Support



Blab – not private

Google Hangouts – not private

Go to Meeting



Photoshop – part of Adobe Creative Cloud suite

Pixelmator (Mac) – available in App store

Microsoft provides free editor Windows 8 and 10

GIMP – BIG learning curve

Infographics and Charts

Piktochart –
Lucid Chart

Presentations and other Document Creation

For PowerPoint or Keynote, purchase in the appropriate location for your computer type (Windows v Mac).


InDesign – part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite


The following WordPress plugins are available to create and deliver online courses. All are premium plugins unless otherwise noted.




LearnPress – freemium

Namaste – freemium