By default, when a LearnDash quiz is displayed, there is a Start Quiz button that launches the quiz. Quiz settings allow you to hide the Start Quiz button and autostart a quiz in LearnDash.

When you are launching a quiz from a post or a page outside of the course, the button is critical to launch the quiz. When you are working through a course, it adds an extra step. If you set the quiz to autostart, as soon as a person moves from their lesson to the quiz, it starts without an extra step.

Screengrab of LearnDash Start Quiz button

You have the option in LearnDash to set it so that when you click to start a quiz, for example when you click on Quiz in the curriculum list, it starts automatically and doesn’t create this separate step of selecting Start Quiz.

Screengrab of LearnDash lesson and quiz progression listing.

The nice thing with LearnDash is that it’s easy to set the quiz to start automatically and not have the extra step when you consider that step unncessary.

How to Set a Quiz to Autostart

To set the quiz to autostart, go into your Quiz Settings.

Launch the Quiz in Edit mode and select Settings at the top right of the screen.

Scroll down to “Display and Content Options” and select Autostart.

This will allow the quiz to autostart immediately when you select it from your course progress or move forward through the course progress icons.

Screengrab showing where to set a LearnDash Quiz to Autostart.

Make sure to Update, Save as a Draft, or Publish before moving forward to make sure your changes are saved.

At this point, you should be able to navigate the course and see that the quiz autostarts when needed.

Transcript of Video How to Autostart a Quiz in LearnDash


Hey everybody. It’s Kim Shivler. Welcome. This is a quick lesson on automating, starting a quiz in LearnDash. It’s one of the many quick posts I’m doing about LearnDash, LifterLMS, and WP Courseware that tie into the fact that I am finally updating my courses on those products. It’s been several years and as we all know, software changes. One of the things that I love with LearnDash is that you can either put a LearnDash quiz within a course, which is where we normally think of quizzes. And you can see that that’s what I’ve got here, but you can also put one in a post. So if you want to let people just test where they are after reading a post, you can do that. Sometimes I do that to capture email addresses, and I’ll say something like test yourself and join up for a free guide.


Something like that. When I’m putting a quiz, actually in a post, I always want this option to start the quiz, this button. However, when I’m in a course like this, a lot of times, if someone’s going through the course and then they click on the quiz to take the quiz, I want to go ahead and start the quiz at that time. Why put that extra quiz step in here? Let me show you how to do that. So I’m going to edit the quiz and we’re going to do this in the settings. Now, this course we’re looking at here is one on building virtual service businesses. That is something I teach in a, in a new ebook I have coming out. And that’s what this course is going to be. As I scroll down here in my quiz settings, notice we come to display and content options. And one option here is to start automatically without the quiz button. I go ahead and click on that and update.


Now, when I view my quiz, if I’m here in my course and I come right to my quiz, it starts the quiz. So say I was here finishing up some topics, and then I clicked to take the quiz. It starts right away. So I don’t have that extra step of the extra button. Completely up to you on how you want to do it. But I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that was an option. I’m Kim Shivler. I’ll see you next time. Bye.