When moving from the basic free version of LifterLMS to a paid add-on or premium bundle, you’ll need to upgrade your license in order to access your new content.

Steps to Add Your LifterLMS License

  1. Login to your LifterLMS Account. https://lifterlms.com/my-account/
  2. Click on Downloads and download the LifterLMS Helper. Do not unzip the file.Screengrab-LifterLMS-account
  3. In your WordPress Dashboard go to Plugins.
  4. Select Add New > Upload Plugin. Select your downloaded Helper file and install. 
  5. Activate the plugin.
  6. From your Dashboard, go to LifterLMS > Addons&more and you’ll be able to add your license key(s). If you have a bundle, one key unlocks several or all addons. If you have individual licenses, you’ll add them individually.

Complete Transcript of Adding Your License to LifterLMS


Hey everybody, it’s Kim Shivler. Welcome. Have you purchased one of the ad-ons to LifterLMS and you’re just not sure how to get this basic free plugin updated and add your license.

00:14 – Download LifterLMS Helper

Today I’m going to show you how. What you’re going to do is login to your LifterLMS account. Click on downloads. The first thing we need to do now, this is going to show us everything you’ve got access to, but in order to actually plug these licenses in so you can use it or this license in so you can use it. You want to come down and find the LifterLMS helper, download that

00:46 – Add the LifterLMS Helper Plugin to Your Site

Once that’s downloaded, I’m going to come back to my site, into my dashboard under plugins and just as normal. I’m going to click add new, but this time I’m going to click on upload plugin because again, it’s not there in the repository. Click on choose file and my file is in my downloads. Click on that. It does need to be a zip file.

01:15 – Activate the Plugin then go to LifterLMS Addons to Add Your License

Don’t unzip it, and if you have a system that automatically unzips things, you need to tweak the settings so it doesn’t. Click on install now and of course activate once you’ve uploaded the helper plugin. Then when you click on add ons and more notice, you’ll see my license keys before you didn’t see that. All you would see is just these listings and if you clicked on them you would just get the pricing page. Now we can actually click here and add any licensed keys that we have. If you have one of the large bundles, Infinity or Universe, you’ll probably just have the one key. However, if you’ve bought these different add ons separately, like private areas or Stripe, PayPal, PayPal and Stripe, I see a lot of people, those are the only two they want to add. They don’t want some of the larger functionality then, you would actually put each of those on the line and you’re going to save all that and then you’ll be able to access whatever ad-ons you have and that’s how we upgrade our LifterLMS. Adding the license to get extra options. I’m Kim Shivler. I’ll see you next time. Bye.