Logo for the LMSCast PodcastOn November 20, 2017 I was honored to be a guest on the LMSCast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett.

Chris and, his business associate, Thomas Levy are the creators of LifterLMS. LifterLMS is one of my favorite WordPress learning management system plugins because it has some great functionality and is one of the easiest LMS plugins to configure and use. Checkout the LifterLMS Plugin along with my Courseware Page with an overview of how to use LifterLMS.

In this episode, we covered several instructional design recommendations for building successful courses and sprinkled in some technical recommendations, also.

Highlights from the show include:

This show flowed as an interactive discussion about learning best practices both online and offline with both host and guest sharing ideas. I certainly came away with AHAs from Chris’s ideas, and believe we gave the audience plenty of actionable content.

Using Quizzes in Online Courses

Many times course creators skip quizzes or don’t use them to improve student learning. It’s important to remember that courses, when created well, become a powerful part of the learning process.

Creating Bite Sized Content for Automated Courses

When creating a course that is automated, it is very important to break the content into small chunks in order to allow the student to properly process the information. Most people cannot watch and absorb content from a 30-40 minute video. They need small pieces of data to absorb, then allow these to build upon each other into the larger concept or process you are trying to teach.

The Importance of Testing

When I spoke at WordCamp Sacramento in 2017, I covered the importance of testing before launching a membership website. This is just as critical when launching an online course. If you are initially launching the platform, then testing must include both the course content and the functionality of the platform. When adding courses to a platform that has already been used and tested, testing of the actual course content becomes the main requirement.

Learn more and listen to the complete podcast at:

Kim Shivler Reveals 23 Instructional Design and Business Best Practices for User Centric Course Creators