Online Training on Green Puzzle on White Background.In November 2015, I was interviewed three times for the WP-Tonic podcast by Bill Conrad and Jonathan Denwood. We discussed options for creating an online training course using WordPress plugins and also did an episode about third-party, fully-hosted solutions. In our WordPress plugin discussion, we covered three of the most popular and proven courseware plugins: WP Courseware, Sensei, and LearnDash.

Podcast Interview

In the accompanying guest blog post, I detailed the strengths and weaknesses of each of these plugins including one super cool feature and one limitation per plugin. As with any software solution, it is important to compile your list of requirements before getting started, so that you can select the solution that best fits those requirements. For example, when considering the three plugins evaluated here, if one of your requirements is to support multiple instructors and grade books, then you will need to select either Sensei or LearnDash.

Excerpt of Guest Post

The following excerpt provides a sneak peek of the guest blog post. Visit the link to the WP Tonic website for the full post.

Learning Management System Features to Consider

While all of the courseware plugins evaluated here support automated quizzes, student reporting, and the ability to create and allow students to track their progression through an online course, they provide varying levels of support with other integrations that may be used to provide a more complete online learning experience. For example integrating with membership plugins, BuddyPress, bbPress, and achievements tracking plugins.

Slide detailing the features of 3 WordPress Plugins for Creating an Online Training Course

For More Information on these plugins, see the full post at:

Note that these three plugins are some of the most popular because they are powerful and have been in the market for a considerable time. They are by no means the only courseware development plugins for WordPress. On this website, I’ll be reviewing and creating with all of the plugin options I can find to continue building the evaluation checklists designed to help you select the best plugin for your needs.