Do You Want to Create an Online Training Course but Not Sure Where to Start?

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How to Build an Online is dedicated to helping people create and deliver great online training courses. It is a property of White Glove Web Training and a life passion for Kim Shivler, the owner of White Glove Web Training.


What is Your Best Courseware Option?

Navigating the seemingly limitless platforms for creating and delivering online courses and make you want to pull your hair out. What if you make the wrong choice? How do you choose the best one?


Is Content Creation Daunting?

From text documentation to video production and screen casting plus lesson plans and quiz creation, building your first class can be overwhelming. That’s why my training is focused on content creation aimed at making your customer a success.

Do the Promises Seem Like Hype?

You’ve heard that online courses can be very profitable. Sometimes it seems like people are saying just pop up a course and start counting the money. What’s real versus hype?